Inventory Management System

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Inventory Management System

Earlier the hotel industry is the most under automated sector of the international travel industry in comparison to the airlines where high proportion of booking is still received online. This relative under automation in hotel industry prevents the collection of consumer profile data which is required for marketing strategies and for the development of adequate yield management. But nowadays, many hotel seen in investing in improving their hotel reservation system. This article is complete guide to hotel contracting system which give brief information about how the hotel are getting online, what are the contracting modules? , how the same hotel shows up on many website through XML & API and many more information regarding this Contracting system.

Hotel Contracting System generally refers to process to upload all the static information on a system almost everything about hotels. In such system, user can manage daily or period wise room rate, allotment, hotel information and markups. A supplier or hotel group can easily manage online hotel selling and distribute their hotel inventory to online booking website through xml / API.

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Service Description

Some of the features of our Inventory Management system:

  • Sell entire offline contract online
  • Manage travel services such as hotels, transfers, cars and tours.
  • IMS can publish full year of pricing for all room types.
  • Divide full terrif of room pricing into multiple seasons.
  • Publish early bird discount and seasonal offers.
  • Apply multiple cacellation policy for same room.
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