Suppliers Management System

Connecting you to your preferred hotel sources and filters best rate for you.
It's so easy now to manage your markup and revenues within few clicks.


Suppliers Management System

To empower inventories to any B2B or B2C portal, supplier management plays an important role. You can stop/on supplier feed, filter supplier by destination, set markup per supplier and preparing various supplier wise report.

Fore technology is proud to represent some of the best travel technology brands in the world. We’ve partnered with a huge group of suppliers to better enable us to deliver superior service to our clientele, including airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, insurance providers, visa services and meet & assist services, Sightseeing’s etc. Our Distribution Division focuses on marketing some of the leading global travel brands in the Middle East region. We have our GSA across the globe which currently represents our brand.

We are well connected in the travel industry, and for good reason. Our carefully selected network of global travel suppliers, including leading airlines and hotels, ensures our clients benefit from a consistently high level of service. We work closely with our suppliers to deliver the best possible value to you, however we are committed to fulfilling your company Travel Policy requirements and use your preferred suppliers, wherever possible. Fore technology is a travel technology company which manages your complete online activities.

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Service Description

Some of the features of our Air fare management system:

  • Airline Wise Markup
  • Transaction Fee Management
  • PLB Distribution & Commision Management
  • Multi Destination Search
  • Special Return Fare
  • Coupon Fare for LCC
  • Cache Management
  • B2B/B2C Front End
  • Secure/SSL Payment Modes
  • Ticket issuance using others HAP code
  • Mid office management system
Air faremanagement services