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Our Air fare management system

Web based state of the art negotiated airfare management solution. With inherent XML publishing of contracts, It can be quickly integrated to other distribution platforms like booking engines/mid office. The fare input and maintenance program is used for managing negotiated airfares, provided by airlines in carrier specific or alliance wide agreements.

Our system are enable in managing Inventory, schedule, fares and agent control modules of airlines and manage your bookings and ticket reservations. A modern, robust and scalable reservations architecture provides a stable platform to your business of all size and with industry standard interfaces. Our system efficint enough with all features powering from external reservation systems including GDSs, other airline CRS systems, SSIM schedules and ATPCO fares.

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Service Description

Some of the features of our Air fare management system:

  • Airline Wise Markup
  • Transaction Fee Management
  • PLB Distribution & Commision Management
  • Multi Destination Search
  • Special Return Fare
  • Coupon Fare for LCC
  • Cache Management
  • B2B/B2C Front End
  • Secure/SSL Payment Modes
  • Ticket issuance using others HAP code
  • Mid office management system
Air faremanagement services