Channel Management System

On a dedicated mid office platform, we aggregate multiple XML, direct hotels feed,
GDS integration and various travel services to out combined XML feed to other source.


Channel Management System

Hotel Channel is a single platform for hotels to manage inventory and pricing with all online travel portals. The Channel Manager for hotels ensures properties of all sizes can maximize their online exposure. The hotel channel management system also increases revenue and reduces the time and cost it takes to update rooms. To collect and organize hotel reservations received from several different channels can be very time consuming so it can be a life saver to use a hotel channel manager. When using hotel software all your reservations will automatically be organized and paid for while you can give your full attention to other things.

An Internet Booking Engine, Online Travel Agents, Hotel Bookers or simply Travel Portals etc are all channels. We build essentially websites that offer online hotel bookings and feature hotels from across the world. Some clients have surfaced as the preferred booking websites while some of the other booking websites might not be as popular but have a significant presence in particular regions/ smaller geographies. Such regional channels can also contribute in raising your hotel-occupancy levels.

If you’re after a well designed, user-friendly property management system with a built-in hotel channel manager, then you will definitely be pleased with Fore technology hotel reservation system.

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Service Description

Some of the features of our Channel management system:

  • Combine multiple APIs on one platform.
  • Aggregate multiple XMl and respond via one XML.
  • Service available for hotels, flights and package.
  • Connected with best known Pegasus Switch.
  • Sell hotel on both Postpaid and Prepaid method.
  • Switch on/off for any XML sources.
  • Set markup per supplier.
  • Set inventory sources by destination
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